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After the death of his first wife Hester Amarintha Elliott, in 1831 Bulloch married the widow of his first wife's father, Martha Stewart Elliott and had four more children: Irvine Bulloch, Anna Bulloch, Martha Bulloch Roosevelt, and Charles Bulloch, who died young.

In 1839 Bulloch and his family moved to the completed house.

The roof of the old kitchen and dining room had fallen in, with only the 16-18 walls standing, and was demolished.

Richard Simms, who bought the home in 1972,added a welcoming porch in the back.

On the north of David Graham's land lay a tract owned by Patrick Graham, David's brother, and also called "Redfoord," while on the south was the plantation of Samuel Barker, which many years later was known as Retreat and finally became a part of Brampton.

Very little is known of David Graham save that he was brother to one of the most prominent figures in the Colony and in 1752 was also granted 500 acres on the west end of Argyle Island.

They also added a picket fence where an original black iron fence had once been.

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Jonathan Bryan, Revolutionary patriot, is the most outstanding figure associated with the history of Brampton.Thomas became the "keeper at the stores" of the new colony and was responsible for all the supplies and stores of the colony.It was charged that he was mismanaging the funds and supplies and it was ordered by the Magistrates in England that he account for all the missing funds and supplies.The front porch with its columns faced the formal gardens, fountains, and holly trees.It also had a greenhouse, brick walkways, and a gazebo.The estate is currently maintained by The Andalusia Foundation, Inc. Fine furniture and imported curtains came from New York and Chicago.Is an historic building located in Danburg, Georgia, USA and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The 24x35 foot banquet room and the old stone kitchen were located in a separate building connected to the main home by a breezeway.Is the name of Southern American author Flannery O'Connor's rural Georgia estate.The estate is located in Baldwin County, Georgia, approximately 4 miles northwest of Milledgeville.The Greek Revival home probably incorporates an earlier structure built in the 1790's and may have been built by Dr. The last Anderson to live in the home was Miss Pink Anderson.This was during the Great Depression and there was no money to maintain the home.

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