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The family all lived in a small apartment together at the time of Lopez’s birth. Her mother, Shelley, was a former Texas state tennis champion and her father, Jeff, was a high school athletics director.A few years later, her parents purchased a two-story house – a big deal for the relatively poor family. In case that family history wasn’t interesting enough, her great-grandfather, Frederick Upton was the co-founder of the Whirlpool Corporation, the appliance manufacturer.Easter is a time for the kids, when they go on Easter egg hunts and all that. However, maybe Kate Upton as a female Easter bunny is an idea that many of us can get behind - especially if she looks like this. Kate Upton’s religion is something that is very important to her.

With her horse, Roanie, she won three American Paint Horse Association (APHA) Under-13 Championships. Well, you’re actually right – it was a very big deal.

Since J-Lo and Kate Upton are the two hottest WAGs in MLB, they will have to face off in what we call “The World Series of WAGs”.

We have constructed a batting lineup of ten of the most attractive photos of Kate Upton and another ten of J-LO.

Lopez also excelled athletically, rather than academically by her own admission.

She competed in gymnastics, was a member of her school’s softball team, and competed in national track championships!

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